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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Basketball Drills >> Pepper Drill

Youth Basketball Drills - Pepper Drill

Great drill for working on passing and receiving fundamentals.

Divide team into groups of 5 players. Player's form a semi-circle around one player. (Note that the player in the middle is one step inside the semi-circle, this ensures that the player must use their peripheral vision to see the players on the ends of the semi-circle). The player in the middle and the player on one end each have a ball. Working clock-wise the player in the middle passes to the next player in the circle who does not have a ball. Once the player in the middle makes the pass, they look for a pass from the first player in line who has a ball. They then pass to the next player in line who doesn't have a ball. This continues until they reach the last player in the semi-circle and then they return in the opposite direction. Rotate players so that each has a turn to be in the middle.


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