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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Basketball Drills >> Press Drill

Youth Basketball Drills - Press Drill

Great drill for working on stopping the ball, ball pressure and creating turnovers.

This is a full court press drill. Line-up your defensive players as follows: 1 - starts on the foul line, 2 - is on the left side at half court, 3 - is on the right side at half court, 4 is in the center at half court, 5 is on the opposite foul line. Once the ball is inbounded, 1 plays defense on the ball. When the player starts to move to a side and is nearing half court, 2 or 3 depending on which side of the court the ball is on will step up and try and trap the ball. If the ball is on 2's side then 3 will move closer to the ball and watch for a pass back or to the middle. 4 will shuffle back a bit, but stay in the middle of the court, waiting to steal any passes down court to the middle or cross court. 5 is still on the foul line unless there are players deep in which case he will move back with them but stay in the middle. 1 and either 2 or 3 try to stop the dribble. Once the ball is stopped, then they try to steal it. If the press is broken then transition to your regular defense.


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