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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Basketball Drills >> Shotgun Passing Drill

Youth Basketball Drills - Shotgun Passing Drill

Great drill for teaching players to use their peripheral vision when passing and receiving the basketball so they can see the entire court.

Six players are at each end of the basketball court. In each group, one player stands with a ball at the free throw line, facing away from the basket. The other five players position themselves in a semicircle from one side of the free throw line to the other, facing their teammate out front in the shotgun position. One player among the five in the semicircle has a basketball. The drill begins with the player in the shotgun position throwing a chest pass to one of the four players in the semi-circle who does not have a ball. As soon as the pass is made, the player in the semi-circle who began the drill with a ball, chest passes the ball to the shotgun. This drill continues for 1 or 2 minutes and then players rotate clockwise so the player on the right moves to the shotgun position and the shotgun position moves to the left side of the semi-circle.


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