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Knowledge Base Home >> Psychology, Discipline and Philosophy >> If It's Got to Be It's Up to Me

Psychology, Discipline and Philosophy - If It's Got to Be It's Up to Me

George Raveling
WSU Basketball Camp, 1981


  • Hearing - Sound waves pass thru brain, not analyzed
  • Listening - Sound waves analyzed, stored in the brain
  • Looking - Watching, no interpretation, or analysis
  • Seeing - Interpret, analyze, react to environment

To many people hear and look instead of listening and seeing

Fundamentals of life

  • To be successful in anything you must first master the fundamentals

Be a dreamer

  • Many do not dream big enough. It is perfectly fine to have your head in the clouds but your feet on the ground focused on your dream.
  • Everyone needs to dream that we are heading for something. Dreams become realities with hard work.
  • No one has ever hurt their eyes by looking at the bright side of life.

Be a learner

  • Education is a continual process thru life.
  • 71% of books in libraries are never taken out. A person who does not read is as bad as one who can not read.
  • You learn by interacting with people or situations who are more learned or different.
  • The average North American watches up to 7 1/2 hours of TV per day. TV is aimed at the eighth (8th) grade intelligence level.
  • No one can ever take away what you have learned.
  • If you improve your life, then you improve the lives of others around you.
  • You want to be a better person on Thursday than you were on Wednesday, you want to be a better person on Friday than you were on Thursday.

Believe in yourself

  • Others will believe in you if you believe in yourself.
  • Be positive, not negative about yourself.
  • Your mind gives you back exactly what you put into it. If you put into your mind that you can, then you will!
  • We spend to much time telling ourselves that we can't.
  • If you are not afraid to lead the music, then you get to lead the band.
  • You are the only one who can prevent you from being the best you can be.
  • If you don't like yourself, then change.

Believe there is a method to success

  • Have a goal, know where you are going.
  • Apply yourself to the method.
  • Make your own breaks, there is no such thing as luck.
  • Be enthusiastic about your goal.
  • Thoughts determine what you want, actions determine what you get.

Be a worker

  • The harder you work, the luckier you get.
  • You never lose your shirt by rolling up your sleeves.
  • Do not confuse movement with action, just because you have a job does not mean you are working.
  • God left enough food to feed all of the birds, but he did not put it in their nests.

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