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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Softball Drills >> All Around Drill

Youth Softball Drills - All Around Drill

Purpose: Works on the outfield stopping the ball and making the throw into the infield. Works on base-running and sliding.

Line-up three, four or five players at the following positions. Right field, first base and third base.

The player's at first base take turns as base-runners and try to make it safely to third base. On the coaches signal, the player from first takes off heading for third base. Every time the runner gets to third base they need to go in sliding. The coach hits the ball behind the runner to the right fielder, the right fielder makes the stop and try's to throw the runner out a third. The third baseman needs to stop the ball and make a low tag. Rotate the players through after each turn. Player plays the same position -runner, right field or third base, through two rotations, before moving to another position.

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