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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Softball Drills >> Deadball Drill

Youth Softball Drills - Deadball Drill

Purpose: To reinforce the mechanics of throwing and to teach players to pick up a dead ball with their bear hand.

Place players in single file at third base, shortstop, second base and home. Place a coach at first base. Place balls at each infield position and in front of home plate. Place balls in normal fielding positions. The third baseman starts the drill by picking up a "dead ball", crow hopping and throwing to first base, the shortstop follows the third baseman, then the second baseman, followed by home plate. (All throws are made to first base). The coach at first base receiving the throws should roll the ball back to the thrower the thrower will place the ball in its proper position and go to the back of the line. Rotate player groups from position to position after each player has thrown two or three times.


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