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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Softball Drills >> Fence Drill

Youth Softball Drills - Fence Drill

Purpose: Great drill that helps develop quicker bat swing by not over extending.

Setup your players against a solid surface, such as a chain link fence, that is at least six feet tall. A backstop, concrete wall, or brick wall will work, but a freestanding net will not. Position your players with their feet in a parallel stance a foot to a foot and a half away from the fence or wall. To check for proper distance have the player reach out with their back arm and touch the fence. If they are in the correct position, their arm will be slightly bent. The object of the drill is to take as normal a cut as possible without making contact with the fence. It is important to go through the drill as slowly as possible the first few times. Have the players take a slow motion cut the first few times. The player should take a stride parallel to the fence.


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