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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Softball Drills >> Ground Belly Load Drill

Youth Softball Drills - Ground Belly Load Drill

Purpose: Developing good mechanics for throwing.

Players start from a distance of the normal base setting. I.e. (60 feet for little league, 90 feet for high school baseball). Infielders start with the glove on the ground with the ball in the glove and their throwing hand next to the glove. This helps the players learn to find the seams for throwing. On the coaches command of belly the infielder brings the ball to their belly.

Skip step , load, and throw. Outfielders follow the same except they start with the ball in their glove above their head. (T-drill) Go hand in hand with this drill. Set-up two bats in the shape of a T. Throw starts with the pushoff leg on top of the T. Rythym up to the ball using baby steps either 123 or 12. The receiver is in position when the throwing leg is below the top of the T and on the opposite side of theT from non throwing leg. Then the receiver will skip step and load up to throw. Instep should be shown to target.


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