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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Softball Drills >> Load Fire Drill

Youth Softball Drills - Load Fire Drill

Purpose: Helps develop and reinforce basic throwing fundamentals.

Have players pair up for throwing at a distance of between 10 - 20 feet apart depending on age. This is just a simple throwing drill from one knee. When kids catch the ball the load up immediately and hold it. On command from the coach, the player will throw the ball to the partner. Emphasize high elbow up above the shoulder, front shoulder pointed at their partner, palm down. Players must load up for throwing and catch with both hands. Don't let players get lazy or this drill is a waste of time.

After a period of time, have the players stand and the thrower stands sideways to the receiver. Non throwing shoulder in front. Emphasize loading up quickly. Hold until the coach gives the command. Knees bent slightly, feet slightly wider than shoulders. They are not stepping on the throw. On fire the thrower will pivot on feet and throw the ball with their shoulders changing places. Receiver needs to surround the ball so that they are catching on the throwing shoulder side. Receiver needs to move their feet to get into position.

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