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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Softball Drills >> Star Drill Game

Youth Softball Drills - Star Drill Game

Purpose: Teaches the infield to concentrate on their throws and allows the coach to stress the importance of team work. If one player doesn't make a good throw, the outfielders need to be in a position to back up the bases.

Position a complete infield, except for the pitcher, and a complete outfield. The drill starts with the coach hitting to the second baseman, the second baseman throws to third base, the third baseman throws to first base, the first baseman throws to the shortstop and the shortstop throws to the catcher. The whole time this is going on you have a runner run the bases. They leave at the same time as the coach hits the ball, Make sure that your infielders stay in their normal positions and do not start moving closer together. The runner is racing to get around all of the bases before the ball gets to the catcher. As your players will quickly learn, if they make good throws and catches they will easily beat the runner.

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