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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Track and Field Drills >> Form Running Drill

Youth Track and Field Drills - Form Running Drill

Purpose: Great drill to encourage good basic running form.

Emphasize high knee lift with a high, fast arm action, and a slight forward body lean.

Begin by having your athletes run in place slowly with a high knee lift and correct arm movement. On the whistle, arm action is increased as fast as possible while the athletes remain relaxed and in place. After 10 - 15 seconds return to the original starting movement and then repeated.

Next, line your athletes up in the same position and begin running in place, still emphasizing the correct running action. On the whistle, the group proceeds down the field gradually increasing speed until they are at full speed. Coaching Point: It is important to maintain good form while increasing speed.

Finally, have your athletes line up against a fence and place both hands against it, arms length away. Keeping the arms straight, lean forward and begin running in place. On the whistle, begin moving the legs up and down as quickly as possible. Return to starting pace and repeat.

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