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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Flag Football Drills >> Flag Pulling Drill

Youth Flag Football Drills - Flag Pulling Drill

Purpose: Great drill to work on flag pulling and slowing down the runner.

Form two lines. One will be the defenders and one will be the runners. Each player should have their flags on and a ball. Line the first defefnder up in a 8 x 8 rectangle.

The offensive players will take off one by one against each defender. The offensive player must stay within the rectangle After each turn have the players switch lines.

Coaching points: Make sure that the offensive player is not flag guarding. Make sure the defender gets into position. The defenders should be focused on 1.) pulling the flag and 2.) and getting a good angle to get in front of the runner so that the defender is better posiitioned to pull the flag.

Variation: Run the drill without flags so that the focus of the defender is getting a good angle and moving their feet to keep in front of the offensive player.


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