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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Flag Football Drills >> NFL Flag Ultimate Drill

Youth Flag Football Drills - NFL Flag Ultimate Drill

Coaching Youth Fooball - Football Plays

Purpose: Great drill to work Flag football concepts:, passing, catching,defending the pass, and conditioning.

This is a fast paced and very competitive drill that the kids seem to love. One of the best conditioning drills for the younger age groups because they enjoy the competition so much. (Coaching Point: Try to make your teams are as even as possible from a skill level and try to make sure that all the players are involved.)

Use as much of your field area as possible. If you have too many players then divide your players in to three teams and rotate teams with the winning team staying on.

The concept is simple. The team with the ball must pass the ball to teammates without dropping it while moving towards the end zone.

  • The player with the football has 8 seconds to pass or pitch the ball to a teammate.
  • The ball can be passed forward or pitched sideways or backwards only.
  • The player with the ball can take only two steps after catching it.
  • The offensive players without the ball can move anywhere on the field to get open.
  • 6 Points are awarded for a touchdown and after the touchdown the ball to the defensive team or the team rotating in. The ball starts on the 5 yard line.
  • If the ball is dropped or intercepted, play continues with the the team in possession at the point of the turnover.
  • The defenders must stay at arms length from the player with the ball.

Key Points: Make sure all players have opportunities to catch and throw the ball. Make sure the receivers are finding open areas and not bunching.


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