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Modified Game & Match Play Situations

by Jason Jamison

  • Play tie-breakers or start each game at deuce
  • Closing out a match: One player starts receiving with a 4-1 lead
  • Coming from behind: One player starts serving down 1-4
  • Playing a pusher: One player can only hit moonballs
  • Coping with cheating: Each player can make two intentional bad calls per set
  • Converting games: Once at 40, must convert the game or go back to 0
  • Playing under pressure: Creative consequences—Have two players play a tie-breaker with all other players watching, 1/2 cheering for one player and 1/2 cheering for the other with the losing team carrying in the equipment at the end of practice.
  • Must serve and volley at least once a game
  • Ace wins game; double-fault loses game
  • A player is given three serves per point to increase aggressiveness with serve
  • Server gets to start halfway between the service line and the baseline (helps returner get adjusted to playing against hard servers)
  • A player is given 1 serve per point to focus on consistency
  • One player serves underhand for the other player to work on attacking weak serves
  • Groundstroke games to 7, 11, or 21—Options:
    - Three balls in play before point begins (encourages consistency)
    - No points awarded for hitting winners (encourages consistency)
    - Players must approach the net on balls landing inside the service line
    - Bonus points awarded for winning points at the net (3 or 5 point bonus—rewards net play and closing out points)
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