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Tennis Warm-up/Stoke Grooving

by Jason Jamison

Cooperative Warm-Up

Players rally with one another half court beginning from the service line and progressing gradually to the baseline. Note the progression as follows:

  1. Service line to service line ground stokes
  2. 3/4 court to 3/4 court ground strokes
  3. Full-court ground stokes
  4. Net to baseline (volleys & overheads) and switch
  5. Serves and Returns (see diagram below)


  • Extra player can rotate in after an error is made
  • Practice hitting cross-court and down the line.
  • Allow only one ball on the court for each two players. When a player misses, they must hustle to get the ball.
  • Play out points with one ball in play. Whoever misses rotates out.
  • Play out points with two balls in play. Begin with two simultaneous crosscourt rallies. Once the first error is made, the remaining ball becomes live and is played out amongst the four players (="One-Ball Live" Game).

Serve, Return, and Rally (6-8 per court)

Two teams of servers and returners compete against each other. In Order to score a point, the server must get the ball into the correct box and the returner must return the ball cross-court to the server. Servers switch out after each point. Games can be played to 7 or 11. Teams can race against each other or each turn can be taken gradually so proper form is not compromised.


  • For more advanced players, require a serve, return and two rallies for a point to be earned.
  • Score points for the team each time the ball crosses the net.
  • Require players to serve from singles and doubles positions.
  • Divide the service box and require certain placements or spins to be executed.
  • Have the servers compete against the returners on the diagonal half court.
  • Have the servers alternate with the returners after each point (works well for larger numbers and keeps players moving).

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