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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Volleyball Drills >> Overhead Toss Drill

Youth Volleyball Drills - Rapid Set Drill

Great drill to teach setting the ball.

Two players (#1 and #2) stand on the opposite side of the net from a third player. Player #2 stands where the setter would line up (front middle preferably) and player #1 stands in a back row position on the same side. Player #3 lines up on opposite side of the net as #1 and #2 and tosses the ball over the net to player #1 who passes it to the setter (player #2). The setter bounce passes the ball under the net back to player #3. Meanwhile player 3 throws the second ball immediately after player 1 passes the first ball. The drill is fast paced and designed to get a lot of passing done in a short period. Note: player #3 should toss the second ball before player #2 has caught the first. That way the drill is executed rapidly.


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