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Youth Baseball Attitude

Teach your players to have the correct attitude to play baseball. They should want the ball to be hit to them. They should want to be involved in every out. A good baseball player will be focused on every pitch and be ready to read every batted ball. This ability enables the infielder to get to the ball quickly by gauging the speed and direction of the ball. Good baseball players will move on every swing of the bat, even on balls that are swung on and missed. The sound of the ball coming off the bat should allow a good baseball player to know how fast or slow the ball was hit and enable them to react accordingly.

Good baseball players will know what to do with the ball everytime the ball is hit to them. They will know where the runners are and how many outs there are. They will have good fielding mechanics and use them throughout the entire fielding process. There is know time to think about fielding mechanics or where the play is after the ball is hit. After the ball is hit the player needs to be relaxed, confident and ready to explode to the ball.

Good baseball players will spend time studying the field, where are the holes, the high turf, hard ground, soft ground, etc.. They should know how the ball comes off the backstop, they should be aware of what the batter did the last time up to bat. They should know if the pitch was inside or outside, as this will help them get a jump on which direction the ball is going to go when it's hit.

Good baseball players will field the ball out in front of them, right handers will field off the left foot and left handers will field off the right foot.

Good baseball players will focus on keeping the runner off third base, There are to many ways to score from third; balk, wild pitch, passed ball, short-pop behind the infield, sacrafice fly, etc.. Always try to keep the force unless they have a sure out. They don't chase the runner but get a base ahead of the runner. They hit the cut-off man, get the leadoff hitter out, backup all bases and they avoid the big inning.