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Youth Basketball Drills - Closeout and Recovery Drill


This is a good drill for teaching defensive communication, recovery and closeout.

Divide your players in to teams of three players. Line up defensive players underneath the basket with their backs to the floor - one player in the middle and one on each lower block. Line up three offensive players just inside the three point line. One player at the top of the key, and one player on each side of the key even with the free throw line facing the basket. The defense keeps their backs to the floor so they can't see where the offense is positioned. The coach stands out of bounds and makes a pass to one of the offensive players, who once they catch the pass, play to score. As soon as the pass is made the defenders turn and closeout the offensive players. The possession continues until the offense scores or the defense gains possession of the ball. New offensive players rotate in and the offensive team becomes the defense.

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