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Knowledge Base Home >> Youth Basketball Plays >> Triangle Offense for Youth Basketball >> The Second Pass

Youth Basketball Plays - Triangle Offense for Youth Basketball - The Second Pass

Now we are truly in the "triangle" (shown in blue). In this case the pass goes to the post, but it may go to the corner as well. Note that the post can pass to the weak side if those defenders collapse in the key. The passing lanes are shown by the green dotted lines.

Once the pass is made, it is timed to cut to the basket. If the players pass, then stand, nothing happens, so move! Here the wing passes to the post, cuts to the basket and then to the opposite corner. Immediately following the wing's cut, the corner player goes baseline, then up around the post. This is one of the easiest handoffs. The cutter can shoot off the post or drive. If he doesn't get the ball, he should get all the way back to the corner.

The post should fake a pass to every cutter. The cutters should always be ready to receive the ball on every cut. Be sure to lead the cutter with the pass. If the cutter has to reach back or down to get the ball, the shot will be more difficult.

After the second cut, the post can pivot to the basket. At this point, he should be isolated with his defender.

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