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This is an efficient alternative to the box low. It sets up the same, but creates an entirely different shot. The most common result is a short range jumper in the key.

The post player nearest the ball is the one to break and set a screen for the guard near the top of the key. As soon as the guard cuts around the screen and contact is made with his defenseman, the screener must pivot 180 degrees and seal out the defensive player from the inbounding pass. The passer throws the ball as the post player is beginning his pivot. This is the first option.

The guard closest to the ball MUST wait until the screen is set. The most common error is for both post players to break at the same time. Once the screen is set, the far post player cuts around the screen and looks for a pass. (second option).

The other post player mimics the first, and is the third option after he pivots.

The guard furthest from the ball uses the screen to get a clear path to the right corner of the court. Sometimes this is an open three point opportunity.


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