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Great drill to work on footwork and conditioning.


The FIRST PHASE of the 4 corner drill is the straight ahead sprint. Your linebacker starts by freeze stepping and then sprints 10 yards, once reaching the 10 yard cone he then pivots around off his inside foot which will put him facing the coach.

The SECOND PHASE of 4 corners is CARIOCA, once your linebacker comes out of his pivot he will then step with one foot and crossover with the other, then step again and crossover behind. Keep Shoulders square to the line of scrimmage while maintaining a "Z" in the knees and keep eyes focused on the coach. Go as fast as you can and stay low. Once reaching the second cone you come out of your carioca shuffle by pivoting and go into a back pedal.

The THIRD PHASE is a BACK PEDAL which requires your linebacker to begin backward movement with a good body lean with the chin in line with the knees. Make sure when back pedaling your weight is distributed over the knees and in line with the hips. Always keep arms pumping when back pedaling.

The FORTH PHASE of 4 corners is the shuffle, once reaching the third cone, pivot and keep shoulders square to the LOS. Shuffle for ten yards to the next cone by keeping feet shoulder width apart, never allow the feet to come together or crossover. Keep the "Z" in the knees and shoulders square to the LOS while always maintaining eye contact with the coach.

When you reach the forth and final cone turn and finish the drill with a hard 5 yard sprint.

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