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How to set successful screens

The ability to set proper screens is a must in order to run an effective offense.

Screens will always create contact because of the movement involved in basketball. The key to effective screening is for you screeners not to initiate the contact. You want the defender to have to make a decision in terms of going over the screen, going behind the screen, or running into the screen. Once the defender makes the decision your players should react accordingly in v-cutting off the screen or back cutting to the basket.

The screen is most effective if the actions by the screener and the person receiving the screen cause the defender to run into the screen. The screen can only be successful if the person receiving the screen is successful in setting up the defender.

The screener must approach the defender to be screened under control and with good balance. The screener should make his body wide and get both feet down and set before his teammate attempts to cut off the screen. The screener's position is very similar to the triple threat position except that the arms are bent at the elbows and held close to the body.

The screening player needs to read the defender's position so that the screen can be set at the proper angle. The screener accomplishes this by keeping the player to be screened in vision.

Following are some different types of screens to teach:

Downscreen - Vertical screen set when screener moves towards the baseline.

Upscreen - Vertical screen set when screener moves towards the 10-second line.

Back screen - Horizontal screen set when screener moves toward the sidelines of the court.

Fake screen and basket cut - Faking the screen against an overplaying defender and cutting to the basket to receive a pass.

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