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To be a good basketball player one only needs to be able to do three things well:

1. Shoot Free Throws

  • Situation is such that you have 2 shots plus you have caused a foul on the other team, this could;
  • Necessitate a defensive change
  • Eliminate a player
  • Put you in the bonus situation
  • How many of your players practice shooting free throws every day?
  • The things that matter in shooting (...and how to test them)

2. Be able to not throw the ball away

Do you spend time teaching the fundamentals of dribbling, passing and receiving?

3. Play defense

  • Stance
  • Positioning
  • Closing

Do your players know how to play defense? Do they like to play defense? Do they hustle as hard to the defensive end of the court as they do to the offensive end of the court?

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