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This drill will help players develop skills for anticipating the pass. (Playing off the ball defense)

This drill requires 4 players and one ball. Setup one offensive player on the right block, one offensive player on the left block, one offensive player at the top of the key with the ball and one defensive player three steps ahead of the two offensive players on the block in the middle of the key. The defender should stand in the defensive "ready position" (Defensive stance) with hands ready and focusing on the person with the ball. The offensive player with the ball throws the ball to the person on the left block. The defender must anticipate the throw and step into the passing lane and catch the ball before it reaches the offensive player. Once the defender catches the ball, the player will pass it back to the point player who will then try to make a pass to the right block. Again, the defender should read the pass, step into the passing lane and catch the ball before it reaches the offensive player. At first you can let the defender know which block the pass is going to be made to. Once the defender becomes more experienced at reading the pass, the pass should be made to either block without letting the defender know where the pass is going. Make sure the defender is stepping into the passing lane and not running at the offensive player. Rotate players through so that each has an opportunity to pass, receive and play defense.

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