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Purpose: Great drills to improve basketball footwork.

Emphasize that it's not a race, it's more important to do the exercises properly than to rush through and try and be first. Insist on proper form.

Slide steps

Run this drill from one baseline to half court. The essence of this drill is to progress sideways from baseline to half-court and back, never crossing the feet and always facing perpendicular to the baseline. The knees should be bent and the butt kept low in a defensive stance. Keep the palms up. No hopping. Make your players face the same sideline both ways.

One leg hops

Players hop on one leg all the way to half court, then use the other leg back. Focus on height not distance.

Two leg hops

Same as one leg hops, but jump off both feet.

Quick feet

Players take short, quick steps up on their toes.

Stutter steps

After four running steps, players stutter step to a halt in a defensive position.

High knees

Players run from baseline to half court and back keeping their knees high.

Power steps

Jump forward off the left foot and use the hands and right leg going forward as far as possible. Land in a jump stop, repeat off both legs..

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