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Great drill to teach defensive personnel proper pursuit angles while providing conditioning.


The defense huddles on a selected line of scrimmage. Align two cones, one on each side of the field on top of the numbers. Position a running back on each hashmark, five yards behind the selected line of scrimmage. The coach calls out the defensive play. The defense lines up accordingly in proper stance and alignments. On the cadence, the coach either drops straight back and throws the ball deep or turns and simulates a toss sweep. If the coach drops straight back, the defensive line rushes and the secondary and linebackers drop to respective zones. The coach throws the ball deep, and the defender intercepts the football at its highest point and returns it up the near sideline. The remaining defenders set up a wall leading the ball carrier into the end zone. If the coach simulates a toss sweep, the ball carrier on the hashmark sprints around the cone and down the sidelines.

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