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Great drill for working on short yardage/goal line situation blocking.


The defensive players assume a stance similar to that of the offensive blockers. Each defender's weight should be forward, shoulders low, hips up, and feet slightly wider than the width of the hips.

As the defensive players see the ball snapped and the offensive men move, they should explode forward, driving their legs and trying to penetrate the offensive side of the line of scrimmage.

The blocker must get off on the ball, exploding forward from the ground with the big muscle groups of the legs, hips, and lower back. He must keep his shoulders low and drive the defender back off the line of scrimmage with quick, short steps.

It is important for the offensive lineman to focus on the defender, and expect him to come off the line in a low, hard charge. The offensive lineman should use his hands and arms only to finally push the defender. The initial contact and force of the block must be made with the shoulder pads.

Each blocker must have the resolve and dedication to move the defensive man off the line of scrimmage in a short yardage situation. This is neither the place nor the time to think of finesse blocking or trying to step laterally to get relative position on the defender.

Before leaving short-yardage and goal line blocking, be sure to work on double-team blocking. This usually consists of two-man blocks on one or more defensive linemen who are aligned on either side of the point of attack.

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