Youth Coaching - Setting Goals and Objectives for Your Team

Before charging straight into the season, it is necessary to set some goals for the season and to look at some general coaching fundamentals. One would hope that the primary goal and objective of the season would be:

EVERYONE HAS FUN!! - That includes you too Coach

Fun can get lost in the ups and downs the wins and the losses of the season in you don't concentrate on keeping your focus. Remember kids play to have fun not to win championships. Yes they may talk about it, but I assure you its nothing that won't be forgotten over pizza and soda.

Addtional goals include:

  1. Promoting physical fitness
  2. Improving individual and team skills
  3. Developing good attitudes, sportsmanship and compasion for teammates and the opposing team.

Attitudes that should be encourages are team spirit, team cooperation, determination, fair play, pride, sportsmanship, focus, concentration, commitment, and responsibility.

A coach must be precise with instructions, especially when dealing with children. Remember your players don't have years of experience and probably don't know all of the terminology that you may throw at them. Remember that there are certain do's and don't when teaching a sport. By the way, that is really what we are doing - teaching, not coaching.

The biggest mistake that most coaches make is that they talk to much. Children do not respond to lengthy speaches and instructions. Try to keep the instructions brief, give a few brief demonstrations, and then let your players try it.

Be organized and prepared when you get to practice so that time is not wasted. Delegate responsibility to some of the parents; drinks, first aid kits, team partys, league fees, uniforms, etc. The more help you recieve the more effort you can put into planning and teaching your practice sessions.

Invite parents to help at practice, many parents want to help but are affraid to step on your toes or are affraid they will be in the way. Most of your headaches at practice will be breaking the team into small groups to work on differenct drills and keeping them focused on the drill. A few attentive and helpful parents will be invaluable.

Make sure parents know what equipment is required for the sport, cleats, tennis shoes, knee pads, shin guards, what ever the sport may call for.


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