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Great drill to improve the fundamentals of offensive line play in a non-contact drill.

Work off of lines - back end of the end zone or a side line will be excellent.

Offensive linemen will align along the line so that they can place their hand on the line when in a three-point stance. Work the entire group at the same time so that they can get more repetition within a shorter period of time.

Pre-set: Good base -- feet parallel, weight on balls of the feet. (Work on snapping down together to a three-point stance).

Stance: Toes towards goal line -- "Z" on knee, slight stagger, weight evenly distributed on three points.

One-step explosion: Ability to explode out of stance on different angles: a) straight ahead; b) angle right; c) angle left.

Pull technique: Right -- whip and pivot; left -- jump turn.

Line up and splits: Guards set the lineup -- align with down hand along center's belt line. Tackles -- align on up foot and down hand of the guard.

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